Wednesday, March 20, 2013

ONE year old!

When Liam was born I had no idea that a year could fly by so quickly. That I would almost wish for those many endless days and sleepless nights and 3am feedings. I do. He has grown so much in the last 12 months. As an infant I loved taking him out and showing him off, (I still do), and every grandmother I ever passed on the street told me it would go by fast and I knew it would, but not this fast! All of the firsts that I couldn't wait for the second I found out I was pregnant have gone by and been celebrated, from first laugh and smile to first Christmas and Birthday. Now there are a list of firsts Alex and I are awaiting, first words, first beach trip, first day of school...there will be many more things this emotional Mama will be anxiously awaiting for her baby boy. And some she will not be looking forward to...nonetheless, I know they will be there waiting for me.
I was just rocking the bouncing baby boy to sleep, or trying to, and he starts laughing out loud, his four teeth shining bright and I can't believe that one day he will be a full grown man, probably tower over me and it will be hard to believe he ever fit perfectly on my lap. I hear him now in his crib, practicing his, Bbbbb and Mmmmm sounds. As simple as that is, I am so proud of him. One day he'll say, "Thanks Mom." and I'll remember this moment, barely being able to make recognizable sounds. Can someone PLEASE find a way to stop time, or go back in time?!
It's so true what they say, that there is no love, like the love a mother has for her child. NOTHING like it. Alex and I still sometimes can't believe this amazing little boy is OUR son. When he gets compliments from people passing, my heart fills with pride and joy for him. God has truly truly blessed us.
Happy year one, Mr. Liam...this is just the begining!!!

Liam @ 1:
*LOVES balloons!
*loves his puffs, any flavor
*crawls everywhere, and tries very hard to walk
*loves being outside
*throws everything and anything
*gives kisses when asked for one
*knows when someone knocks, someone is here to visit
*loves when Daddy gets home from work
*weighs 22lbs
*28 inches tall

1 day old

so tiny

first haircut

1st birthday

Thursday, November 22, 2012


It's Thanksgiving again, and what BLESSINGS have been bestowed upon us this year!!!

Our growing healthy baby boy is on the top of our list this year!
Our Liam Quinn is a daily reminder of God's gifts. I am so thankful that He has chosen Alex and I as his parents. We are captivated by his wonder and innocence everyday. I am extremely thankful that I am allowed the opportunity to be home with him everyday and to to teach him and watch him grow. I may not have fancy clothes or jewelry but to be home with Liam is worth more than any of that could ever amount to.

We are very thankful this year that Alex has gained employment at a fantastic company that is close to home, allowing for more family time and school work. He works so hard everyday, in and out of the home, to provide the best he can for our little family and our future. I am so proud of him and thankful that God brought him (back) into my life. He is a wonderful husband- thoughtful, kind, loving, supportive, generous; and a fabulous father- again, loving, sentimental, tender, sensitive and silly.

Alex and I are both blessed to have wonderful parents. We are both very lucky to have both sets of parents together for over thirty years and who both love and still like each other. Their example of marriage fuels Alex and I's. Their dedication to family gives us a blueprint for our own in which we can only hope to instill our children with the same value and importance of family. We are learning that marriage is not always easy, add into the mix, children and everyday stresses but it is defiantly worth it! The good times far out-weigh the bad! We thank them for all of their love and sacrifices they have made for us and the rest of our families.

I am once again SO thankful for my sisters! Three built in best friends that will be there for me no matter what! I know that if I'm having a bad day I have three guaranteed chances of it getting better through either a simple conversation under the sun or over a burger, beer and some shopping.
I am also very thankful for two great brother in laws who are great compliments to my sisters. I am thankful we all get along and love to be around each other. Nothing makes me, or my parents for that matter, more happy than when we are all together, enjoying each others company.

I am thankful that we have a safe and nice (and BIGGER) place to cal home! I love making a home for my family. I love having family and friends in my home and celebrating the joys of life.

I am thankful that Alex and I are geographically close to family as well. Again, it is reassuring to know there are half a dozen people within ten miles to help with anything at a moments notice!

I am very thankful for this past month and a half that I have gotten to spend with my sister Amanda and nephew Nathan visiting from Florida. I hope the next two years fly by so that we can be in the same state again! It's been nice to have another person who understands Mama problems and Nathan has been so much fun to hang out with and I love hearing him say, "B, I go to your house later." or "Where's Alice?"meaning Alex...I will miss you both SO much!!! We all will.

Finally, I have to say I am thankful for those unanswered prayers and I thank God for knowing what is right and in his timing. This past year, and further, there have been so many things I have prayed for that did not come to fruition. Opportunities that would seem perfect for us but never worked out. I made myself remember, many times, just trust in God's timing, He know what He's doing. We cannot see the future and sometimes we do not know what is best for us. What we think is best is not. I am thankful that God has a better plan for us; the best plan.

I wish everyone a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving. Remember to be thankful for EVERYTHING in your life, the big things and the small things.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

7 months!

Lets see how much I can write before Liam wakes up...
Wow! Has time flown! Our baby is getting bigger and brighter everyday and I can't believe it has been seven months since the day I first laid eyes on him. I must admit, I feel a little bad for not having documented his big 6 month birthday but it has been SO busy around here. Alex went off to Phoenix for Amazon training at the end of August and was gone pretty much all of September. I teased him endlessly that I deserved a full relax day when he got back (which I am still waiting for and which look like it is about 18+ years out...) We are still unpacking boxes and hanging pictures, trying to make our new place a home AND keeping up on everyday things. I awake at 6am-ish and go to bed around 10:30pm only to feel defeated by cardboard and more dirty dishes. Liam eats ALL the time it seems and now that he is eating baby food (which he LOVES) it makes more of a mess and takes more time. He is also learning to crawl which means more floor time (i.e. - me on the floor chasing him and keeping anything and everything out of his reach) and less swing time.

I wouldn't trade any of this though.

Every once in a while when I find I have just spent half an hour on the floor teaching Liam how to clap or saying MAMA like I've been hit with a tranquilizer, I wonder, does he know what I'm doing? Is he getting it? Maybe all of that is a little ways out but of course he gets it! He gets that I'm there. And that is what is most important to us both. No words can describe the overwhelming joy my heart feels when he smiles at me or I make him laugh.

He is ALREADY seven months and I just want to say slow down! I haven't even gotten halfway through all my baby Pinterest projects yet and your already half a year!

Well, this is as far as it gets....he's waking up and I just realized the washer is done, washing...nothing. I forgot to put the clothes in! 7 months post and I still have baby brain...adios.

Here are a few of Liam's current accomplishments:

*LOVES baby food, except green beans and apricots.
*weighs 17lbs. 10 oz.
*laughs out loud when you pretend your hand is a spider crawling towards him
*learning to crawl on hands and knees. currently an expert on the army crawl
*loves making 'monster sounds' and flexing like a muscle man (that is how he communicates with Papa)
*he is a wiggle worm
*loves to nuzzle in blankets and pillows to fall asleep
*says, MMmmmmmm, when he is eating
*teething and loves to chew on his fingers
*up to date on all immunizations

waiting for Daddy on Skype

loves sleeping on his belly

first solid food (9/23/12)


Add caption

first own room and crib!

learning to crawl

7 months and sweet as honey :)

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Liam - 21 weeks

I read an article yesterday titled, Wish We'd Known: 20 Things No One Told Us About Raising a Boy, you can read it here -
It reminded me of the little book my father bought me, Mother and Son, with little reminders on raising a boy, quotes and little stories. I couldn't read it for the first few weeks after having Liam. I was a MAJOR cryball from hormones I suppose and just the first few words on some pages would open the floodgates of tears. This article was funny, a little worrisome and quite a tearjerker. 

Our baby boy will be five months this Friday. He continues to fill our hearts with a ton of joy. 
He began rolling over to his tummy last week. Poor little guy tried so hard sometimes. rocking to his side and he just just didn't quite know what to do with that arm stuck under him! A couple times he would let out a big exhale in frustration and I just wanted to help him but this is something I could not do, he had to learn on his own. Funny, both Alex and I missed the first time he rolled on his tummy on the floor...and the second time. Alex was doing homework and I was cooking breakfast. I had laid him on his play mat to play with Captain Calamari and when I looked back to check on him he was on his belly! We watched him endlessly trying to capture this milestone on video and every time we did he just stared at us. I really think he is already camera shy! Now, he rolls to tummy from back and from back to tummy constantly! He inches around his mat and blankets pretty quickly. If he moves this quickly while I make some toast I can't imagine when he starts crawling! 
Liam doesn't have any teeth buds yet but is definitely in the process of teething. He is drooling like crazy and EVERYTHING must go to his mouth to chew. His favorite things to chew on are is rings, Sophie the Giraffe and his index and middle finger, together. When he is in his car seat being transferred around or while he is awake in the stroller, he holds on to the rings like a passenger on a subway. I think it's so cute. He also pulled down his vibrating Mr. Frog toy like nothing; before he would just bat at it like a cat.
I remember when we first brought Liam home and out him on his blanket and just started at him wiggling his tiny fingers. He just laid there like a caterpillar in a cocoon. Doing nothing. I though, it's going to be forever til he can move on his own...nope.  

*Liam already displays signs of frustration and stubbornness...uh-oh ;)
*He began rolling over @ 20 weeks
*He fights his sleep, still.
*Slept through the night 11pm-6am on Sunday, Aug. 5th
*He is very curious
*Loves to grab his feet!
*Grabs at anything and everything
*Enjoys watching Mama cook
*Loves when Daddy flies him in the air and buzzes him around with his imaginary jet-pack
*Likes to sleep on his side.
*Primarily nursing every two-three hours with one-two bottle/day up to 8oz. each! This boy loves to EAT!
*LOVES to TALK! (wonder he gets that from...)

can't take their eyes off that tv...


holding on to his prize

market night

story time

lunch with grandma

in grandmas garden

watching the 2012 Summer Olympic opening ceremony

aunt audra, uncle scott an liam

playing with papa

uncle scott recruiting liam to be an angels fan

like father like son!

trying to roll onto his tummy

mama and baby

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Three Years and Counting

Alex and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary yesterday. My parents came over and baby sat Liam while we went out for SUSHI! Finally! We had not had sushi in about a year! I couldn't eat it while I was pregnant and if I couldn't have it, Alex couldn't have it ;)
I was a little nervous about leaving Liam because he's been extremely fussy lately and very clingy to his Mama. I just didn't want him to give my parents a hard time. As we got ready to leave it felt a little weird to be leaving OUR baby with my parents while we went out. I remember being left with my grandparents when my parents went out like it was just the other day!
We got in the car and it really felt like a date. No crying baby and diaper bag, we were dressed up and I wasn't carrying a purse with everything in it but the kitchen sink. We laughed at funny things we saw along the way, like and Elvis impersonator in street clothes pumping gas and we were reminded of our love and attraction to each other. As we drove Alex put on a cd that I think I made him last year, maybe the year before...and the first two songs couldn't have been more perfect. The first, Wedding Cake by Connie Francis and the second, Our Day Will Come by Ruby and the Romantics. The whole cd was so meaningful.
This year has been the most joyful and the most difficult for Alex and I so far.
Alex has been out of work for nearly a year. He has been finishing up his BFA and has been searching for a job non-stop. So to say the least, this year has been financially and emotionally stressed. We've had to make a lot of changes, sacrifices and swallowed a lot of our pride this year, individually and as a couple. Not a day goes by that we don't hope that tomorrow will bring news of a job.
Most first years of marriages begin with a few normal stresses...adjustment to being with that person all the time, learning their idiosyncrasies, sharing finances, etc. Sometimes it seems ours is really being tested.
We've suffered family loss, financial stresses, continued education, had unexplained health issues, job losses and we miscarried our first pregnancy...all this, in the first three tender years of marriage. All of these situations have and continue to make us stronger together. When one of us is weak and succumbs to the stress and must just cry the other is there to pick us up again and dust us off and we keep going. Sometimes we just look at each and say, "REALLY!? Can something just go right for once!?" I know there are lots of people and families saying that more and more these days, but when we think this, we have to take a look and think of all the things that have gone amazingly right. There are so many people less fortunate than us, as hard as it is for us to believe sometimes, we hear their stories on the news or in passing and we have to remember how blessed we are with what we do have.
We have amazing families- parents, brothers and sister. They would never let us go hungry or homeless. We have a healthy, beautiful baby boy who is our greatest and most important thing in our lives, God's most precious blessing. We have each other, we can laugh and cry together, a blessing many people take for granted. So many times, we remember our vows, for better or worse, for rich or for poor, in sickness and in health we stand by each other and love and support each other. That is what makes our marriage so wonderful. Hopefully were just getting that 'worse' part out of the way early ;p
Last night as we drove home from dinner I told Alex through a few happy tears that I loved him and thanked him for not giving up on me or on us, he said the same. I know there will be more difficult times, more wonderful times and I'm excited for them all so long as we are together.
So last night we celebrated us. All we have been through, all we're going through and looked ahead to all we'll go through, for better or worse. As Connie Francis sings, 'Yes, for all who will partake, It all comes with the wedding cake...'
True Love.

Salmon Hand Roll, oh, how I missed you!
The Wedding Cake
Don't be troubled 'bout me cause I'm tired
From workin' 'round the house
When day is done
Don't think you failed me cause you can't afford
That dishwasher to make my life more fun
You know, the measure of a man is
Much more than just the money he can make
And every woman knows a lot of joy and tears
Come with the wedding cake

The wedding cake is not all icing
And love and tender whispers in the dark
One slice is concern for all your dreams prayed
They won't come true and break your heart
Another slice is feedin' kids and wipin' noses
Cryin' when the doorbell rings and there are roses
Every woman knows a lot of give and take
Comes with the wedding cake

It's facin' shadows of the future
Prayin' they will fall away as we walk toward them
Searchin' for the sun
And it's long and anxious hours with the wolf at the door
Hugs and kisses when, at last, we see the dawn
So when the hands of time trace tellin' lines upon our face
And lace our hair with strands of gray
We laugh and say for all who will partake
It all comes with the wedding cake

Yes, for all who will partake
It all comes with the wedding cake
Yes, for all who will partake
It all comes with the wedding cake