Thursday, October 11, 2012

7 months!

Lets see how much I can write before Liam wakes up...
Wow! Has time flown! Our baby is getting bigger and brighter everyday and I can't believe it has been seven months since the day I first laid eyes on him. I must admit, I feel a little bad for not having documented his big 6 month birthday but it has been SO busy around here. Alex went off to Phoenix for Amazon training at the end of August and was gone pretty much all of September. I teased him endlessly that I deserved a full relax day when he got back (which I am still waiting for and which look like it is about 18+ years out...) We are still unpacking boxes and hanging pictures, trying to make our new place a home AND keeping up on everyday things. I awake at 6am-ish and go to bed around 10:30pm only to feel defeated by cardboard and more dirty dishes. Liam eats ALL the time it seems and now that he is eating baby food (which he LOVES) it makes more of a mess and takes more time. He is also learning to crawl which means more floor time (i.e. - me on the floor chasing him and keeping anything and everything out of his reach) and less swing time.

I wouldn't trade any of this though.

Every once in a while when I find I have just spent half an hour on the floor teaching Liam how to clap or saying MAMA like I've been hit with a tranquilizer, I wonder, does he know what I'm doing? Is he getting it? Maybe all of that is a little ways out but of course he gets it! He gets that I'm there. And that is what is most important to us both. No words can describe the overwhelming joy my heart feels when he smiles at me or I make him laugh.

He is ALREADY seven months and I just want to say slow down! I haven't even gotten halfway through all my baby Pinterest projects yet and your already half a year!

Well, this is as far as it gets....he's waking up and I just realized the washer is done, washing...nothing. I forgot to put the clothes in! 7 months post and I still have baby brain...adios.

Here are a few of Liam's current accomplishments:

*LOVES baby food, except green beans and apricots.
*weighs 17lbs. 10 oz.
*laughs out loud when you pretend your hand is a spider crawling towards him
*learning to crawl on hands and knees. currently an expert on the army crawl
*loves making 'monster sounds' and flexing like a muscle man (that is how he communicates with Papa)
*he is a wiggle worm
*loves to nuzzle in blankets and pillows to fall asleep
*says, MMmmmmmm, when he is eating
*teething and loves to chew on his fingers
*up to date on all immunizations

waiting for Daddy on Skype

loves sleeping on his belly

first solid food (9/23/12)


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first own room and crib!

learning to crawl

7 months and sweet as honey :)

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Belinda O'Brien said...

Our baby boy is getting big. Every day I see the accomplishments he is making, and I can't help but think about how small he was when he was born. He is a complete little person now. He's moving around, and trying to speak. Keep those eyes peeled because once we blink he will be off to college.
I love the pictures you added here. I hadn't seen the witches hat ones before :)